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there. the commercials will be taped next month. >> thanks for joining us. this is "world news." tonight, yosemite on fire. monster wildfire now burning its way through the great american park. we're live on the front lines tonight and our cameras just feet from the flames. this view from the sky this evening, the all-out battle to get control. this is summer. hail two feet deep. the snowplows back in action tonight. abc's ginger zee right here with the extreme weather coming this weekend. the great escape. caught on tape, the brazen prison break. tonight what police have just announced in the case. and getting out alive. what happens when those storms drop power lines on the street on your car? how to get out and the experts who say your floor mat could save your life.
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good evening. diane has the evening off. we do begin with that part of the great national park burning tonight. the wildfire racing into yosemite. growing at a break-neck pace and just look, tonight, firefighters right there on the front lines, battling the blaze from the ground. part of the forest up in flames tonight. look at this, another view from the sky. the national guard lifting water from a nearby lake and dropping it from the air to dry to douse -- try to douse the flames. one more image of the scope tonight, a wall of smoke filling the sky and word this evening that that smoke now setting off a red alert for air quality. 150 miles away in reno. our team is live inside the fire zone again tonight and abc's neal karlinsky leading us off. >> reporter: a view of the surreal war above yosemite of a fire that is now so big and so fast-moving, veteran pilots are
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stunned by the sight. >> that is unreal. >> reporter: from the cockpit, look closely, that speck is a spotter plane, it unleashes some smoke to mark the target, seconds later that's where pilots drop their flame retardant. >> ready? drop. >> reporter: the land is torching with extreme fire behavior. you can clearly see trees ignite and be swallowed up in seconds. the park, bigger than the state of vermont, is only being touched by fire on the west side right now. far from the camp grounds and mountains that make it so famous. >> i got to know where people are. >> reporter: we caught up with hot shot fire teams concerned about conditions. >> you guys got to -- [ bleep ]. >> if you guys pull out, i have to know. >> absolutely. >> your job here is hold the line. >> exactly. >> are you surprised the behavior of this fire? >> never seen a fire move this fast.
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>> really? >> and it's in different directions. >> reporter: along the other front lines, homes with views of the fire burning straight at them. teams of firefighters are actually sleeping here now. >> i just hope to god that it doesn't get past this point. i hope it doesn't burn any of these houses on this side. >> reporter: back out here live, this is an area the fire just burned through. you get a sense of the devastation. there are still hot spots here. the fire is burning on two fronts right now, one near yosemite, the other near homes and there's very little containment on either. >> just a stunning scene. neil, thank you. the images from yosemite for tonight. the extreme weather also the story some 1,100 miles east of there in colorado this evening. something we never thought we'd see. look at this. is it really a summer storm? staggering amounts of hail in august, snowplows out in force. and ginger zee here with the images and the next threat on the way this weekend. >> hail, and water.
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>> reporter: so much hail and so much water, filling the streets of colorado springs, growing to golf ball size near denver. hail, halting traffic, closing several roads, filling cars and yards and plows. yes, plows busy clearing it all. then there was this on a colorado highway. >> you can't see. >> a couple trying to get home. >> reporter: more than four inches of rain falling in just over an hour. >> it's still not letting up. >> reporter: tonight, flash flooding in idaho, more than an inch of rain in less than 45 minutes. >> wow, just won't let up. jingeer z ginger zee is with us now. you say more rain this weekend and potential for more flooding? >> yes and i have to introduce you to tropical storm ivo. this will be the culprit.
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the desert and southwest will get hit by chunks of the tropical moisture, not actually the storm itself. that's a different computer model from the past. i want to show you how much rain we're talking. some of the models are printing scary numbers, anywhere from las vegas to phoenix. you see that bull's eye of two to three inches, could be localized flooding as a big issue going into sunday and monday. >> all right, ginger, thank you. we do move on this evening to what could be a turning point for america and our involvement in syria. tonight, violent new clashes erupting right where the alleged chemical weapons attacks took place this week. and this evening a haunting new number. one million children sent fleeing from the violence, without homes, some of them ripped from their parents. that's the equivalent of all the children in boston and los angeles combined. tonight it's what the president is now saying about those alleged chemical attacks that signals america might soon be involved. abc's martha raddatz in the region on what it was the president said.
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>> reporter: these are the images that have had the white house huddled in marathon meetings. the suspected chemical attack, syrian women, children, estimates ranging upward of 1,000 killed. >> what we've seen indicates this is clearly a big event of grave concern. >> reporter: speaking to cnn, the president raising the stakes. >> that starts getting to some core national interests that the united states has. >> reporter: syria's chaos. its chemical weapons and its breeding of terror, a threat to the entire region and our key ally, israel. all of which could mean a threat to america. on the table, everything from missile strikes, on down to the formal arming of the rebels, which america has committed to, but still has not done. but those images of the
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suspected attack and that stunning milestone of a million children fleeing their homes has nations across the globe saying now is the time to act. david, the president does not want to go to war with syria. america does not want to go to war. but his words, that this is impacting america's core interests, are critical. and make it extremely difficult to just stand by any longer. david? >> martha, thank you. we know you'll be anchoring abc's "this week" from the region and we'll all be watching. sunday morning on "this week". in the meantime tonight, two major verdicts breaking this evening. first the fort hood shooter. nadal hassan convicted on all counts in the shooting rampage. nearly four years ago now, opening fire on his fellow soldiers, killing 13 people. hassan did not flinch as the verdict was read. he could now face the death penalty. and robert bales behind one of
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the worst atrocities in the war in afghanistan, that mass killing. sentenced to life without parole today. the father of two confessed to killing 16 villagers, mostly women and children in march of 2012. the families traveling 7,000 miles to testify against the american staff sergeant. he pleaded guilty to the massacre in order to avoid the death penalty. now to las vegas tonight and a major plot thwarted. an undercover sting that busted a sinister plan well under way. tonight these two suspects in custody. one a grandmother, both charged with planning to kidnap, torture, and kill a cop, all in the shadow of the sunset strip. why did they allegedly hatch this plan? here's abc's steve osunsami now. >> reporter: on the glittery streets of las vegas, police working under cover since april, say they earned the trust of alleged anti-government sovereign citizens and were able to foil their alleged plans to kill cops. 42-year-old david brutsche was arrested tuesday with 67-year-old devon newman, a grandmother living in a senior
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center. >> i object. i've hurt no one. >> reporter: in court this morning, they were all mouth. >> sir, one more word and it's contempt. >> i object to the entire proceedings of this court. >> reporter: prosecutors say they planned to kidnap police, at road stops, shackle them with chains, drag them to a makeshift jail and court and then try them for treason. investigators say they were going to execute the officers and dump their bodies in the desert. police have learned to take sovereign citizens seriously. in 2010, two officers were killed in arkansas when they pulled two of them over. the fbi calling extremists in the movement domestic terrorists. in a jail house interview, newman kept on preaching, telling americans to wake up. >> i want them to realize that our freedoms are being eroded. >> reporter: steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> steve, thank you. to one more case, tonight, a
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real-life bonnie and clyde, pulling off that jail break. a major development in the case. you'll remember these images, the inmate running to escape, his girlfriend waiting in the get-away car, the police then in hot pursuit. the two on the run for weeks, but tonight their run suddenly cut short. abc's linsey davis now on the jump to freedom that started it all. >> reporter: derek estelle seen here squatting on the floor on the phone just before jumping on to the counter, slithering through the window and running across the parking lot with police in hot pursuit is tonight finally back in custody. >> it's hard to tell our excitement today, but if you had been here last night, you would have seen jumping up and down, shaking hands, patting each other on the back. >> estelle and his girlfriend, who allegedly drove the get-away car, were on the run for 26 days, police hot on their tail, even arresting estelle's mother for her alleged role in the jail
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break. last night a tip to arkansas authorities led police to an abandoned home in santa rosa county, florida. where the couple was hiding out. they were surrounded and arrested without incident. >> we've taken extra steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. locking mechanisms on the detention center doors. the sliding window that he was able to get through has now been sealed. >> reporter: their hope now, his houdini-like escape will be his last. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> thank you. and to the stand-off playing out all week in san diego. so many of the people there telling their mayor it's time to go. tonight he is gone. after those stories of sexual harassment from young women to grandmothers coming forward. that 1-800 hotline set up with the numbers growing. ryan owens is there with the newest turn. >> reporter: good evening to you, mayor bob filner is out after six weeks of scandal. his last day is at the end of this month. the city council here late today
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unanimously accepted his resignation. minutes after throwing in the towel, the embattled mayor spoke to his supporters, specifically to the 18 women who have accused him of sexual harassment. >> to all the women that i offended, i had no intention to be offensive. i have never sexually harassed anyone. but this hysteria has been created and many of you helped defeat is the hysteria of a lynch mob. >> that fiery denial from a 70-year-old man who critics say has brought embarrassment to america's eighth largest city. many may be relieved to see him go, but the consummate politician seems determined to clear his name. >> i can't afford to continue this battle, even though i know, if given due process, i would be
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vindicated. >> the city of san diego agreed to pay at least some of his legal expenses. david? >> ryan owens, thank you. paula deen is back in the news tonight. a judge dismissing the lawsuit that led to the chaos within her food and tv empire. a former employee accused deen and her brother of racial discrimination and sexual harassment. the two sides agree to a settlement without money changing hands. deen has already lost millions of dollars when companies severed ties with her, including the food network and walmart. and word tonight of a new arrival at the national zoo in washington. a giant panda gave birth to a cub this afternoon. no name yet. but mama picked up her cub immediately and started cradling it. today's birth comes as matt gutman got a look at the twin pandas in the atlanta zoo, the first twin pandas born in the u.s. in 26 years.
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"pandamonium" tonight. i had to. so much more ahead here on "world news" this friday night. coming up with the extreme storms on the way this weekend, what happens when power lines come down on your home, on your car. tonight, how to get out alive, and get this, the floor mat in your car could save your life. and later tonight here the little boy on the sidelines getting a talking to. what we learned late today about the major league coach in his face and why so many moms and dads out there will be nodding their heads when you hear what he has to say. [ male announcer ] what's important to you? at humana, our medicare agents sit down with you and ask. hanging out with this guy. he's just the love of my life. [ male announcer ] getting to know you is how we help you choose the humana medicare plan that works best for you. mi familia. ♪ [ male announcer ] we want to help you achieve your best health, so you can keep doing the things that are important to you. keeping up with them. i love it! [ male announcer ] helping you -- now that's what's important to us.
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or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about the only underarm low t treatment, axiron. you likely heard ginger mentioning earlier the storms on the way this weekend. what happens when that extreme weather brings down the power lines? tonight abc's gio benitez inside a car and it turns out the floor mat could be the key to getting out alive. >> reporter: they are the split-second decisions in extreme weather that could mean life or death. >> what is he doing? >> reporter: how do you survive until help arrives?
5:47 pm
>> if you think and act like a navy seal, you can survive anything. >> reporter: we asked a former navy seal who wrote the seal survival guide. when disaster strikes in the car, do you abandon ship or do you stay put? >> it depends on the situation. >> reporter: one of the most common disasters, a downed power line on top of a car. a hazard in any storm. if you're not in immediate danger, stay put. but what if your car's on fire and you have to get out? >> most floor mats are made of rubber. open your door, grab that mat, put it out a foot and a half, two feet outside. keeping yourself -- oh, you just killed yourself. because you allowed an arc to come through one leg that was separated and killed yourself. if you keep your feet together on the mat and without touching the exterior of the vehicle, use the seat, go ahead and push yourself up. keep your feet together and pull
5:48 pm
yourself hop, now with feet together, slowly hop away from the car. that's your best bet for getting out of this. >> but again, you only want to get out if you have to. otherwise experts say, stay in your car if a power line falls on it. >> the floor mat, who knew? you'll have much more tonight, i know. also tonight on "20/20," we reveal the ten most dangerous roads in america. is one of them in your hometown? tonight on a special "20/20" at 10:00 p.m. eastern. when we come back, the debate over the new batman. we want you to weigh in. and later, the major league coach giving the tiny fan a talking to. moms and dads cheering. tonight we learn about what he does before he walks away. [ male announcer ] nobody knows where or when the next powerful storm is going to hit... but it will... that's why there's a new duracell battery. introducing duracell quantum. with its high density core, it's a quantum leap in battery power. the next storm is out there. but so are the heroes.
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with freshly bakedeve in whole grain bread.right then we add all-natural eggs... lean antibiotic-free ham... and vermont white cheddar. get 16 grams of protein and 23 grams of whole grain in the breakfast power sandwich. our "instant index" on a friday night, everyone debating the new pic tonight. you know the theme. ♪ batman >> well, the new batman tonight, ben affleck, who joins a long line of caped crusaders on the big screen -- keaton, clooney, kilmer, christian bale, of course. but not everyone is sure he's the right choice. tweet and let me know what you think. and the major league pep talk going viral. a tiny fan at the rockies game, we first showed it on gma. cornered by first base coach rene lachemann, it has moms and dads cheering. see if you cheer too. he starts about the virtues of taking out the trash. >> when your dad tells you to take out the trash, you take it out. when your mother tells you to clean your room up, you clean it
5:52 pm
up. you come home from school, the first thing you do is do your homework. you understand that? you eat your dinner and your vegetables. you got a brother and sister? >> yep. >> don't be fighting with them. >> we love this guy. we also learned something else. he's made it a tradition to give a souvenir baseball after that pep talk. he also says, "santa's watching," by the way. when we come back, the young -- the bold move from the young mother whose voice and music you know. ♪ concrete jungle where dreams are made of ♪ >> tonight what alicia keys did this week as the cameras were rolling and who she's out to save tonight. if you're looking for help relieving heartburn, caused by acid reflux disease, relief is at hand. for many, nexium provides 24-hour heartburn relief and may be available for just $18 a month. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away.
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tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. finally tonight here, our person of the week. you know her voice on stage, but have you heard it behind the scenes too? saving lives. tonight alicia keys using the power of her voice right here at home. ♪ she's just a girl and she's on fire ♪ >> you already know alicia keys and that singular voice. ♪ >> but for the last decade she's been quietly using that voice to save others. ♪ >> teaching prevention and treatment for hiv.
5:56 pm
her organization, keep a child alive. ♪ >> and the children in those towns and villages in africa, she's helped to save. they now sing to her. ♪ >> and this week, she came home to new york to sit down with us. she also did something else. as cameras were rolling, she took a test. a rapid hiv test, to reignite the conversation here in america. >> you say that a lot of us make the mistake of thinking it's just happening over there. >> i realize, i myself even, we're just not talking about it in america. there's so many people who are finding themselves newly infected. the infection rate is just remaining the same. it's not going down here in america. >> and tonight she's behind a brand new project, empowered. sitting down with women from all over america living with hiv and surviving. jen is a wife and a mother. >> pretty much everyone who ends
5:57 pm
up hiv-positive says, i didn't think it could happen to me. and then it happened to me. >> alicia wants these women to know they haven't been forgotten. she wants to wipe out hiv for the next generation. her son now 2 years old, now with her on tour, but he doesn't get to stay up with her for the whole concert. but knows every word. ♪ new york, concrete jungle where dreams are made of ♪ >> that's become the theme song for new york city. for the world. the world now sings that song. >> it's the one thing we can all say we can totally connect with and that would drive us all to have a chance. and that song is all about that. >> having a chance. the singer looking out for those children all over the world and for her little one when he needs it most. >> take him and rock him in my arms, say it's okay, you want mommy to sing me a song? he says, sing brand new me. >> can you give us a bar?
5:58 pm
♪ it's been a while i'm not who i was before ♪ you look surprised been meaning to tell you ♪ ♪ but i guess it's clear to see ♪ don't be mad ♪ it's just a brand new kind of me ♪ >> that's for the little guy and for me. thank you. >> and so we choose alicia keys working towards an aids free generation. what a voice. see you later tonight on "20/20." diane sawyer right back here monday night. tonight live team coverage on the rim fire near yosemite forcing hundreds out. >> from a san francisco command center tonight how the fire cutoff power supply to muni what it could do to waters. >> only on 7 tonight a peek
5:59 pm
inside of the new caldecott tunnel. the other big highway project almost ready to go and how google's gadget of the future has become a game changer for a local woman who has doum depend on it. >> we have everything loaded and ready on trailers and stuff to go if we need to go. everybody is on high alert. >> vac waigss are now mandatory in some neighborhoods near yos stim where the fire may quickly become one of the biggest in california history. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> more than 100,000 acres the rim fire is the 20th largest wildfire on record dating back to 1932. with just 2% containment it's certain to certain to rise on that list. now, it kurns an area beside the city of san jose. evacuations are mandatory for hundreds on the western flank
6:00 pm
of the fire and recommended for people about five miles from the fire lines. nannette? >> there seems to be no end in site. the fire burned an area three times the size of san francisco in six days. >> it's just peering north. >> large plumes of smoke are the signs the rim fire is now burning out of control. 105,000 acres have burned. >> fire behavior is extreme. dry fuels. second is a tinder dry. >> from ground crews what that had to work harder.

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